Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Daily Weekender Report

Friday ~ felt sorry for myself, slept in until my mother called and dragged my sorry ass out of bed and got me a movin. Applied in person for two jobs in F'ton (don't really want one but applied anyways...) really liked the other one, in fact they have already called me back for an interview (yippee), ate at Swiss Chalet, yum yum and came home as we are both poor and did not want to venture into the mall

Saturday ~ again felt sorry for myself, stayed in bed well past 1:00 PM, cousin jilly called around that time to go with her & "m" for some kind of ski-doo races at Palfry. Loaded up in the old civic and went for a bumble, turns out that it was over packed and we weren't dressed warm enough, decided to head to Klinkers instead to eat & drink some beer. Continued on our bumble through the back roads of McAdam and Canterbury, then proceed to a friends camp at 1st Eel, "m" put the car into a snow bank while we were all singing along to "I think were alone now" by Tiffany, to funny & good times

Sunday ~ Did absoltely shit, laid in bed pretty much the entire day & watched useless mindless T.V. actually got kind of bored and restless but still way to lazy to do anything about it. Got my weekly dose of Desperate Housewives, good show, can't really remember much now but yeah I think it was good

Monday ~ Again slept in, got to watch some daytime t.v. for a change can't really say that i've missed it. I've realized though that my dream job would to be a "barker" girl on the price is right. I mean how fucking cool would that job be, you get to dress up in dresses, outfits, bathing suits and parade around on stage waving your manicured hands and fake smiling and the fun rather disgusting flirting with Bob Barker who really looks more like a white haired skelton every day (how old is this man anyways......"shudders" just wrong). After my yearly dose of the Price is Right I had to get ready for yet another ultra sound and no i'm not preggers.....anyhoo had to drink 2-3 glasses of water an hour before hand so not fun and rather painful this time around. The stupid doctors here in Woodstock are jerks and asses and I was not impressed by their service and they made me feel stupid and like I was a waste of their time. I know something is not right with me but they can never locate anything on my overies and it's an endless cycle that i'm getting sick of, so yet again nothing came up on the scan and I wanted to leave there blatting but i didn't and my poor kidneys hurt for like an hour afterwords.

Returned home to have yet another nap only to wake up an hour and a half later to watch General Hospital and the proceed to be bored until American Idol came on at 9:00 only to be hugely dissappointed the men sucked ass! Like only 1 or 2 really interested me the rest of them blew goats quite litterally. One guy Antwar I think was really good vocally but he totally freaked me out at the end when they were going over his numbers he just stood there with this stuipd freakish grin on his face and he totally scared me. He looked like an alien or robot, really watch it back and you'll see what i mean......doo dooo doo (twilight zone music here). My fav Constaine kinda turned me off last night with his cocky attitude & vocally he was not on last night. The only ones that I feel belong there are Mario (he rocked the end of the show), Antwar (still creepy), Constaine, Bo, The Dude who sang Travelling Band don't know name, the rest can go the fuck home cause you SUCK, your boring, not cool and you SUCK. Don't drag this out for weeks man just send the lame ones home!!! GRRRR god knows what tonight will bring with the girls.........

So now it's Tuesday and i've been pretty busy at work (well not really) but it looks good to write it. Have one interview for Thursday this week (for a call centre in F'ton don't think I want it but will do the interview anyways) and the good news of the day was to find out that I have been one of the "chosen" ones to go for testing (basically screening before and interview) for the same department that i'm with now only in F'ton. So hopefully that goes really well and cross your fingers and toes that I get an interview and better yet the position as it's really great money and I really would like to stay within the gov't so that one day I can transfer back here......anyways i'm getting off topic. Oh I almost forgot, found out that they did get the 2wks of training for the new dude coming in on the first, therefore I don't get the boot until March 11. Which I will take, better than next Monday.

So that's it for my Weekend update, really didn't do or accomplish much but there it is for all to see and enjoy.

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krazykaper said...

I use to work for the gov. on a 1 year contract. Once my contract was up, my high-abovers asked me to trian the next person taking my position...Uhh I don't think so! Other than that the gov. does have some great benefits and pay. I can understand why you don't want to get out of it.

You know what the ideal job would be for me...prune juice tester. You basically only have to work one day a week and sit on a throne for the next 6 days. How great would that be. I often wonder if such a position exists. If you hear of any let me know.

What call centre did you apply to in Fredericton? There are tons of them hiring down here.