Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Oh Blog, how I love thee

Hello Blog ~ I just wanted to say thank you for being a friend, thanks for being there when I need you. When I just need to get something off of my chest you are here for me. When I need a good laugh I go to a friends or complete strangers sites and laugh and laugh. When I am in a pissy mood like today and just need to vent out my frustration, you are here for me. Words cannot express what you mean to me ~tear silently rolls down check~ and i'm truly thankful for your friendship as it has been theraputic to me and I don't know what I would possibly be without you.

It's hard to believe that our friendship only started a few months ago but oh what we have acheived in such little time. I keep in touch with family and close friends and i've even made a few new ones through you. You are very near and dear to my heart and I try my best to get in every day and say something new to you & to check and see if anyone has left a comment for me and you.

You are making me a little angry though today as I keep trying to hit "publish post" and nothing is happening, i've re-typed several things and I keep losing them so I must say shame on you today and quite honestly I feel like I have wasted enough of my time here trying to make you happy. So farewell then and I take back my nice comments that I mentioned earlier on. I only hope you are in a better mood tommorrow.


krazykaper said...

Sometimes even blogs have bad days!

TSC Andrew said...

Welcome to the light...what you have fallen upon "h" is what I like to call the world of technology. Now I will admit you seem like a virgin towards it but soon enough you will be romping it around in sites you have never seen before and explorering new pleasures like shopping online, banking online and the lovely chatting online. Bloggin is just the beginning but an excellent way to work yourself up to newer and greater things.

You have two ways that you can go...The Good Side (browsing,e-mail,chatting,blogging) or you can come to The Dark Side (Pirating music,games,programs) oh the limit is endless.

I end off with "Welcome Weee One...Welcome"