Wednesday, January 19, 2005

10 Things that I have done today

I'm steeling this idea from another blog by Kiss Me i'm Italian whose blog is appropreately 10thingsIdidtoday (at least along that lines anyways) and you can type in & go to his site cause I don't know how to set up a link from here....sorry all you lazy bums!

Anyways here goes........

1.) I threw a "Heather" tantrum first thing this morning when I couldn't get my car un-plugged. You see it's sooooo damn cold here right now that I have to plug my car in every night just so my car won't freeze up, and when I wen't to un-plug it this morning the stuipid thing was frozen (my car at least started) so I couldn't get it apart and I had forgotten to put gloves on.....and yeah, you get the picture. So I screamed and pulled really really hard and practically ripped the cord out from the inside of my car but it carme apart MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

2.) On my way to work this morning I had one of my drives where I arrive at work and I didn't remember actually driving here, I was like "hey i'm here already, but how?" Totally blanked out. Scary

3.) I've felt like telling clients to "Fuck off" all day (excuse my language pps)

4.) I've been told off by a senior client of ours. He literally wen't up one side of me and down the other, and i'm missing a big chunk off of my backside.

5.) I am sticking to my regin of going to the gym 3 days a week, so today was workout #2

6.) The only downside to #5 is that I felt that I had worked out so hard that I deserved a treat and I was soon going thru the McDonald's take out window........

7.) The phone here is totally pissing me off today, every 5 seconds the damn thing is ringing and I quite litterally am ready to throw it somewhere's or at someone. Mabye I will check with my maintenance and see if I can locate a hammer........

8.) I had a fellow co-worker tear a chunk out of me over not having the same frickin phone number, so along with chunk #1 that was ripped off of me I should now be at least 10 pounds lighter.

9.) After listening intently/carefully while co-worker bitched me out I proceeded to say "it's only a phone number and it's not really that big of a deal" only to be stared at like I had 5 heads.

10.) My supervisor wants me to track what kinda calls we get on a daily basis from our clients. I have got about as far as to a title of what my list is called.....not going so well


-JD- said...

Hey, howp you don't mind I stopped by your blog. Anyway, cool idea. I hate when my car freezes up like that. It's usually pretty reliable (it's a toyota) but with crappy Minnesota weather, it doesn't matter what kind of car you have. And I totally know what you mean about working in a place like a call center. They are the worste!!!

Blondie said...

Thanks for your kind word on my blog!
I do the same thing...I work out, then feel like I can eat whatever I want. Sometimes I find myself walking from the gym to McDonalds, Burger King...seems so wrong, but that sort of food just tastes so good after a workout!

Kleokatra said...

You plug your car in? that is so awesome!!! I feel very ghetto, because I had no idea that you could actually plug a car in- how trippy. (i know -lame) ne/wayz, I do the same thing with my workouts, but instead of McDonald's I like to make homeade chocolate malts complete with chunks of kisses. those are awesome. You always have to reward yourself after you work out. those are the rules! :)