Friday, January 28, 2005

Usher vs Justin

In case you have been living under a rock the last 2 or 3 years you may not know who I mean. These two guys have been at the top of the r/b and pop world, Justin first in 2002/2003 and Usher in 2003/2004. Both are talented, sexy, won tons of awards and are now pursing acting careers and they have often been compared to each other. So whose the better of the two?? In my opinion I personally prefer Justin. Here's my breakdown of why.

Usher - He's been in music business since he was like 13 years old, he has always been marketed towards women and yes I will admit he's hot, but I don't like his attitude/cockiness. He often makes me think that he's the next best thing since Jesus and this totally turns me off of him.

Justin - Has also been in the music business a long time, first with the Mickey Mouse Club, then with N'sync and now in his solo career. Most of his fans are women and he has been marketed but you don't get the same attitude from him. He seems like he's genuinely a nice guy, someone that you could just walk up to and he's not going to give you attitude "like i'm a celebrity" and all that, course I could be way off here but I don't think so

Usher - The man can move, i'll give him that. But lately, espically his latest video they are basing everything on his dancing. Not liking it and found that video for "caught up" very lame and cheesey. Everything he does is some kinda dance move, just weird & i'm not digging the whole 20's thing with him, I love that time period and i'm just not feelin it ~ sorry. His mentor for dancing and singing is of course the one and only wacko jacko aka Michael Jackson who Justin also takes after.

Justin - He struts his stuff and I wish I could be in his "Rock your Body" video dancin it up with him. White man can dance and he proves it here.

Usher - His album Confessions is basically all about his breakup (at least I think it is I don't care what he may say) with Chilli from TLC. He totally cheated on her with other women and this is a HUGE mark against him for move as I love TLC and Chilli and by doing her wrong he did me wrong.

Justin - His album Justified is about his breakup with the one and only Britney Spears, she cheated on him and "cry me a river" came straight from the heart and I felt sorry and hurt for him. I still belive that these two are ment to be together and i'm really not liking that he is with Cameron Diaz right now but he can do no wrong in my eyes

Usher - His "bling bling". Ok we know you have tons and tons of money but do you really need to flaunt it in our faces. His big diamond "U" makes me wanna puke when I think of what else could have been done with that money. Please don't flaunt that you have money, this is another big turn off for me

Justin - He may have a few big gaudy watches but really he doesn't do much flauting for "bling bling" not sure why really cause i'm sure he's got it or mabye he just doesn't like flashy things but this is just another of his down to earth qualities that I love

That's really all I can think of for now and it's plainly obivious that I love and adore Justin and I am hoping that he is secertly working on a new fab album that will be coming out this year. Chances are that he's not as he is working on a movie right now but one can only hope. I'm secretly hoping as well that Usher won't clean house at the grammy's but i'm sure he will, he does deserve some credit but I really think that he's over hyped, i'm a fan but i'm not a rabid fan like I am for JT.

That's it for now, another Friday almost done yet again and i'm looking forward to a nice quiet weekend at home.

Ta ta for now ~ peace ~


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scole said...

Hello ~h~
I concur with your thoughts exactly. It is just-justin for me. Nothing fixes my hour long commute but my daily fix of "rock your body" Go ahead, fellow motorists! Stare if you must - yes, I am chair dancing in my car.
Peace out