Friday, January 14, 2005

All By Myself...Don't wanna Be All By Myself

They have all left me and i'm all alone, sitting here amongest boxes and empty walls, couldn't possibly be any creapier and i'm kinda pissed that they have all upted and left me here alone. What if some wacko comes in with a gun or something and here I sit pretty much with a pen and a payment stamp only as everthing else is packed away, what the hell would I do. So considerate of them. Mabye I could attack this person with my phone....hmmm that's reassuring.

I want this move to be DONE and over with, i'm constantly being left out of everthing that "the full time staff" discusses and packs and I don't even get to put my damn name on the stuff that is going to be my work area. I'm the invisible "casual" employee and I don't matter. I swear when I got here yesterday morning I felt like blatting. If your gonna make me feel like an outsider than what the hell are you keeping me for, I feel un-wanted and un-needed and I need to get another job. Which is really hard because I have been applying and I have been looking but nothing has panned out and i'm extremely frustrated. Sigh ~ thank the lord that it is Friday and that I get to sleept in and do absoltely shit tommorrow. I was so exhausted last night that I had a little power snoooze from like 7:00 til about 8:30, at least I woke up before the O.C. came on I would have not been happy to have missed that. I adore Seth and I need the weekly fix of his humour & he's adorable and way cuter than Ryan.

Well i'm not sure what the hell i'm doing here today or what I should be doing, everthing is pretty much packed, except for the things that I am using today so I guess i'm just gonna have to play on the internet to keep myself amused. Good day to surf through other blogs purhaps. Well i'm out for now, Have a Great Weekend all and i'll see ya's soon :)


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