Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My Pill's Magic Trick

I honestly think that I am beginning to lose my freaking mind. Last week was a very hard and long week and yes I may have been a tad overtired but this is a new low for even me. You see like any 24 year old female out there i'm on the birth control pill, I am married but there is no WAY in HELL that i'm prepared or even ready to consider having a child.....anyways that's a whole other story.

So every morning I wake up, turn on my shower and take my pill. Friday morning my husband says to me "why did you take a pill out of next weeks row and why in the middle?". I think to myself wtf (what the fuck) are u talking about and sure enough I look at my pills and next Wendesday's pill is missing. And for the life of me I do not recall taking this pill I always take them in order and I don't know what the fuck happened to it. So then my mind takes to racing (and this is before Sunday nights eposode of Desperate Housewives....strange) that mabye my husband popped it out of it's package like "whoops" and it falls to the floor only to be swept away. This is totally wrong of me to think this but he's sooooo been on the baby wagon lately that I wouldn't put it entirely past him. So last night I asked him "did you take my pill" and he's like you honestly think I would do something like that? and i'm like well did you and he's like no I swear on my dead grandparents and I still don't entirely belive him!!! And then he's like well mabye the cat knocked them off???? Like that would happen, yeah the cat is eating my birth control pills through the packaging and he managed to pop it out without doing any damage to the pkg. Yeah right.

So i'm losing my mind and I must have taken 2 pills but I don't REMEMBER and it's not something that I see myself doing and I don't know where the hell it is so now i'm probably going to get pregant and yeah, just fucking great!!!!!!!!!!! Guess my hubby won't be getting any nookie this week.......he he i'm sooooo evil!!


Jilly said...

Get your ass straight out to Shoppers and buy a box of Condoms. seriously. Plus you need to set him up to see if he really is doing this. K?

TSC Andrew said...

Do you want to know what I'm thinking....I think it is another way for women to rag (not literally, verbally) on the guy. If the man says I didn't take your pill, he didn't take the pill.

Now look "J" as brought up trying to capture him into a scheme were nets will fall from the ceiling and bells will go off yelling "PILL MISSING, PILL MISSING" not good ladies not good at all.

Why can't women just show trust. I mean those mornings sometimes are extremly hazy when you get up and you do things you never thought you would do. I mean how many times have we all poured Orange Juice on our cereal, same thing. hahahah Don't yell at me!!

flea said...

ok first of all I would rather go without than go through the horrible embarssment of buying condoms, it's bad enough to have to go through a check out with tampons & i'm only a week (well only 4 more pills until my lovely monthly flow...) and i'm sure I can go a week and he'll just have to watch lots and lots of after hrs tv if you know what I mean.

second of all "a" women will never fully trust men that's just the way of life and no i'm not mad at what you had to say you are entitled to your own opinion ~ to each their own. And i'm not entirely blaming him either i'm just stating that it's something I would/could see him doing he's so sneaky & evil and he's not working so i'm sure he's desperate to find something to do, even at my expense or I should say his cause HE AINT GETTIN NONE all week & next week HA HA sucks to be him huh!