Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday, Monday

Oh how I hate Mondays, let alone trying to get my ass into work, into the gym, into the weekly routine that is my week. Sigh ~ does life ever get any better? Or does it just seem to float along on the same wheel week after week. I often feel like a guinea pig running on their wheel in their cage, just running and running and not getting anywhere's. This seems to be my life at the moment. Work is just going and i'm sitting on nerves end anxiousily awaiting the day when my supervisor takes me aside and says "oh by the way your no longer needed here and you'll be done in 2 weeks" so i'm a bloody nervous wreck everytime she comes near me. My love life is "ok" on most days but lately we haven't been commuicating and were arguing most times about a "baby" or "money" and our latest battle has been about his fam dam.

My husband's grandparents both passed away last year (his grandmother only a month ago) and his entire family is just like a bunch of sharks swarming in the water. I will spare you all the details & i'm not 100% comfortable spilling all that here and I really don't want him yelling at me about this too so i'll give you the PG version. Anyways, his grandparents were well off for our little community, they started up their own business and did very well and this business is still up & running today only not in Meductic. So not only did they have money but they have tons of nice, expensive things. Now my hubby really didn't/doesn't care what happens to most of the stuff and thank god is all i can say because i want nothing to do with it either. But it just so happens that one of the things that his grandfather promissed him and was supposed to be his has been snatched up right under his nose and he's shit out of luck. Now, I have never really seen my husband fully mad and let me tell you friday night I thought I had the Hulk in my house. He was FURIOUS and he was cursing (which he never does, I do that enough for both of us....), yelling, wanting to punch something (thankfully not me, that's really not that funny but it kinda was at the time I started writing it) and I just didn't know what to say to him. I think he was more hurt that this person went against his grandfather's wishes and he was seriousily upset and on the verge of crying until I kinda made fun of him and told him to get over it (god i'm such an evil, spiteful bitch aren't i??). So i'm still currently living with the Hulk as he's still majorly pissed and in a pissey mood and I still don't know what to say to him. So that was pretty much my weekend, doesn't sound great huh.

Then on top of that all of our local weather networks, etc were calling for this HUGE mofo storm and I get all excited thinking to myself hey this is great if it storms all day Sunday & Monday morning there won't be any work........only to wake up Sunday to a few piddly flurries and some wind.....where is the snow??? I'll tell you where ~ it's all in freaking Nova Scotia you lucky BASTARDS. Well mabye not but I was a little peeved at you all this AM as I got up and got ready for work and a typical Monday morning. At least the day is pretty much over and I only have like 2 hrs to go and then my work part of Monday is leat until next week


TSC Andrew said...

I hate those family woes, there are only going to get worse I feel. And it sucks...

As for the snow, don't feel bad, I won't brush my car off when I come up this weekend and I will park it in your driveway and you can have it all!! Free!!! It should be enough for ya to handle.

flea said...

HA HA HA Andy, you are so funny. That might work, although I think by the time you got here from Moncton most of the snow will be blown off of your car, it's a nice thought though

Kleokatra said...

That really sucks about your husband. My great grandma passed away about two years ago, and I have her entire bedroom set except the dresser. I was supposed to get it when she died, but my aunt snatched it. Then I was supposed to get it as a wedding present, but she sent $ instead. I understand where he is coming from, because I have been there too. just give him some time, he will get over it, I had too as well. He may want to write a letter to this person stating that it was his grandfather's wish that he have it and would like very much to have it. I am still trying to find a way to politely request to have the dresser from my Aunt.
Good luck to you both, and I hope things get better for you!