Friday, January 07, 2005

I've got an ASS on my ass

Ok what is wrong with people today that they have to ride an innocent persons rear bumper all the way on my little journey to work (total of 25-30 min). This really pisses me off hence the title of my blog. I often refer to these stupid people as an ass regardless if it is female or male. Now i've been known to have road rage most of the time that I am driving in my car but I never, never resort to the obscene tailgating that I was bound to suffer this morning on my happy little journey into my office.

This morning was a typical New Brunswick winter morning we had snow flurries and freeznig rain over night so the roads were not that wonderful this morning but they were still slippery and when it's slippery I maintain the speed of about 80KM an hour. This stupid ASS in a half ton (they always think that they can drive thru anything because of 4 wheel drive and they are in a half ton....oh sooooo cool oh so special- NOT) road my ass for a good portion of my drive to work and there is no way in hell that i'm pulling over to get off of the road to let you by you stupid ASS!! GRRRR this really pisses me off and when the jackASS finally pulls out to go by me I silently curse the stupid bastard and hope that he runs off of the GD road, good riddance you fucking ASS!!!

Needless to say this was not a great way to start my day and to top it off i'm still not feeling well, I was out yesterday and my fucking head is still killing me. I think I must have a sinus infection as the pain consists around and in behind my eyes (I really just want to dig in and rip the mofo's out) and i have major baggage and dark circles underneath my eyes i'm not that beautiful today but i'm trying to tough it out and get today in and then hopefully get rest and re-couperate over the weekend. Sigh ~ think happy thoughts, happy thoughts.........

this is not working, mabye i'll try immersing myself in work again

ta ta for now have a great weekend


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Kleokatra said...

Two words: Brake Check. I don't know if the laws are the same in Canada, but here in the states, if someone rear-ends you they are responsible for the damages. when people tailgate me, depending on my mood, I normally slam on my brakes and go about 20-30mph. Especially in the snow. I am not a good snow driver, and can't stand people who tailgate. I drive a Honda, and it seems that every other car on the planet is made to shine their headlights into my mirror-especially if they are too close.