Thursday, January 13, 2005

DA Da Che ~ DA da Chum

this is a quote of sorts from one of my favorite Stephen King novels dun dun dun.....
The Dark Tower Series, I believe it's from the Drawing of the Three (Book #2 I think i'm not at home and i can't go run and look at my books....) so if i'm wrong get over it :) no just kidding I do apologize. Anyways this phrase has been running though my brain for the last 2 days and i'm not really sure why but I guess my sub-conscious must like it for some reason or another. I loved all of the novels from the Dark Tower series and i'm still having difficulty or I should say acceptance that it is finally over. I didn't really like the ending of the final book and I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't read it yet but it's very dissapointing.

Some of my other favorites of his are:

IT - this is probably my favorite of all but it's so hard to just pick one. I love all of the chacters in this book and everytime I read it I always cry when Eddie dies. Even though the front cover with the clown on it gives me horrible nightmares and creeps me out everytime I see it I have to at least read this book once or twice a year. I even wen't so far as to go on to purchase the old TV movie that they did back in the early 90's that's how much I loved this book.

The Stand - again I LOVE this book and everyone in it. The guy with the guitar (Larry??) can't remember been awhile since I last read it is probably my favorite, over Stu even. The good versus bad thing is just really cool and the whole plague thing is tre creepy. When I first read this book it was in the winter time and everyone around me was getting sick and I was sure it was Captin Trips.

Insomnia - I first tried to read this when I was probably 16 or younger and I just could not get into the book so I gave up. Several years later (last summer) I thought well I might as well try this again....and I was instantly pulled in and I could not put it down. It also ties in with the Dark Tower series which of course I already stated I enjoy.

and last but not least:

The Talisman and The Black house - these were amazing books and I loved Jack, and wolf and they once again are connected somehow or another to the Dark Tower. I first read the talisman when I was farily young and I didn't full grasp it and then when Black house came out I read it and I could barely remember what had happened in the Talisamna so I re-read it and I got it this time around. Truly a good read and a really great story.

Well that's all for now, it's super crazy here at work, it's starting to get empty and bare and it's very werid. I'm amazed that I was even able to get here at all today to post. I'm extremely bitchy today and people are royally pissing me the fuck off, the phone keeps ringing and I'm getting the dumbest people ever coming thru the doors. GRRRRRRRR I could just fucking scream!!! but I won't ~ ha ha

Ta Ta for now ~h~


Jilly said...

I know what you mean about the "DA Da Che? DA Da Chum?" as after I read that book, the phrase was constantly in my head.

My fave Stephen King book next to the Stand,is Bag of Bones however

flea said...

yes, i know I really enjoyed bag of bones too, I ment to mention it in the blog but the phone kept ringing and interupting my train of thought....stupid GD clients!!! Go away and don't come around until after the fricking move you stupid DUMBASSESS!

Kiss Me Im Italian said...

Wasnt that the sound the monster finger eating crabs made? I think that was the 2nd book. If you havent read it you should check out Dreamcatcher. Aliens, farts, and retards. You cant go wrong!

flea said...

Kiss me in Italian...thanks for posting....yeah you are right about the crab monster things and I was wrong it is in the 2nd book (thanks for correcting me). And yes I have already read Dreamcather, I liked it as well but it's not up there with my favorites, I just didn't like it when they killed Beaver he was the best and he shouldn't have been killed out so early. The movie they made of this just didn't do the book justice.