Tuesday, January 04, 2005


well i'm drawing a blank today. not sure really what I want to talk about and honestly I don't even know why i'm here today. On most days I have a general idea in my head on what I want to write here. I try my best to be funny and I like to think I am but really i'm not. oh well at least i'm being me.

what's new with me ~ not a whole lot actually we had a great time on New Year's everyone got smashed except for me (told you didn't I) but I don't need to be drunk to have a good time. We stayed at our house until about 11:30 then we hit our local bar (the good ol B&G that stands for Bar and Grill) for the count down & the remainder of the evening. We didn't get back to our house until 3:30 am and then we continued to party until everyone passed out or just couldn't take anymore. I didn't come alive until after 12:00 PM the following morning I was so tired and my hubby was not feeling so well :( poor guy just doesn't know when to cut himself off. so I had to look after him most of the day saturday.

Sunday we went four wheeling with another couple and i don't know who had the bright idea but i was so cold I couldn't feel my feet or legs and I was so glad when we got back home. I'm just not cut out for the kinda stuff. Later that night I convinced mom & dad and hubby to go to the movies so we got to take in "meet the fockers" really funny and it's a good laugh I would recommend it to anyone.

that's pretty much my weekend in a nutshell i feel like crap today - think i may be getting a touch of something as I have been sick to my stomache, headachy, etc since sunday night when we got back from the movie. I keep getting the hiccups and i totally feel like i'm going to barf all over my desk. i'm hoping it will go away as I have to hang tough because tonight is my hair appointment! YIPPEE i'm still saying that i'm going to go brown guess will just have to wait and see what tommorrow may bring.

That's it for today ~h

oh before I forget I just want to say a quick CONGRATS to Jill and Mark, he finally proposed and Jilly is sporting a beautiful new diamond ring. So not only did we get to celebrate a new year but we got to have a kinda engagement party for them. To fun and way to go Mark!!! Congrats again ~ love ya both :)

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