Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Taping and Packing and Filing OH My!

tee hee I have done way too much work today for my own good....i've done so much filing and packing and i just can't do any more today. My eyes are quite literally burning right out of my head.....i've got this extreme sharp shooting pain in the corner of my right eye and it's now starting to hurt when I this normal??? like what the fuck is this shit!

oh boy is it time to go home yet....unfortunately NO

What to do I should be doing something so that I won't have to do it tommorrow but I couldn't give a rats ass at this moment in time.....i'm just so anxious to get home, have supper, watch some mindless TV and pass the time until LOST comes on at 9:00 ~Squeels quietly to self~ can't wait for tonight's eposide i'm sure it will be a good one.

God i'm so tired right now I can barely sit up straight in my chair & i have to pee really bad and yeah you really didn't need to know that one but i seem to be typing things as they are poping into my brain. I'll probably have sick and twisted nightmares about flying files and packing tape.....i seriousily hate packing tape the stupid piece of crap always gets all twisted and sticks to everything, then when you cut it off you can never find that start of the tape again! Oh the Frustration!!!! Why the hell am I sitting here typing about packing tape how boring and dull can that possibly be, god I have such a wonderful life.......

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TSC Andrew said...

That is just like me typing sometimes when I'm extremly bored, but hey atleast you updated the blog and it is done for another day.