Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Loves it/Hates it

some things that I love and hate

Love - Gwen Stefani's Love Angel Music Baby CD, I LOVE every single song on this CD except mabye one, but it totally rocks and it's so different from anything else out there that you can't help but sing along with it. My particular favorite is the song that's sort of like a cheerleader chant and they get singing that "the shit is bananna B.A.N.A.N.A.S" (spelled out) and no I can't think of the name of the song but anyways it's so off the wall I am diggin it. Definetely check this one out.

Hate - Good Charlote or Simple Plan - words cannot express my dislike for these bands, they are so cheesey and fake and I can't stand there music or their music videos. They could not be any further from grunge/alternative rock and they are trying so hard to be like Green Day it makes me want to vomit. There's no comparision, get over it and stop playing there damn retarded songs on the radio. Why people like these guys???? I do not know and I don't get it but they are well over done and they need to go away like now.

Love - I'm really into everything pink right now, which is weird for me because like 2 years ago I hated pink and I would not be caught dead in it but now.......it's a whole new world for me and I'm in pink heaven! Pink shoes, pink purses, pink pants.....you name it I want it or I already have it.

Hate - I really hate the pants I have on today, I have had them for probably my entire career as an "administrative assistant" which is about 31/2 years and i'm not exactly the same size I was at that time, so they are too tight, I hate the cut of the pants and they ride up past my belly button (which I REALLY hate in any kind of pant). So now i'm sitting here just itching (quite litterally too) to get home and get these mofo's off and into some pj's. I sooooo need to go shopping for new pants but i'm poor and it's not going to happen anytime soon, espically if I may be without a job in 2wks or a month, so i'm screwed and I have to wear these "CUTE" pants, and yes I am being sarcastic.

Love - The new show the "Medium" with Patricia Arquette. I am into anything about ghosts, psychic's, parnormal, etc and this show falls right into that category. She's a full time mom, who has known that she can detect things about people and she just knows things, and basically it started with her admitting to her self & her employer that she has psychic power/abilities. So now she works in a DA office and helps them solve crimes and all that good stuff, overall it's a good show and i'm into it. Anything over reality t.v. right now.

Hate - Reality T.V. Now I used to be a HUGE reality T.V. addict but lately these shows are just getting nasty. Have you seen or heard about the show called "Whose your Daddy" I forget what network was going to run this (probably FOX, if you ask me) but anyways the show was based on this girl who had been adopted and she was supposed to try and pick her dad out of like a group of twenty men. Hello???? Do you people not have any frickin morales or decencey. First of all I would not allow people into my private life like that let alone having it all documented for T.V. just wrong and it's a new low and it's a surefire sign for me that reality t.v. just needs to be laid to rest (except for mabye the Amazing race, that's the only good one left....)

Loves it - going to the gym (which is a local CURVES chain), and no I don't love doing the workout but I love going and making fun of some of the other women on the circuit. I always tee hee to myself and sometimes I even want to break out in hysterical laughter. This is so wrong on many levels but I totally find it amusing. For instance there is this one lady whom I happen to know as she lives just up and over the hill from me her name is "Bertha" that's funny enough in it's own right but this women does some pretty weird/funky things on her block in between machines. She usually starts out pretty mild, doing some basic stepping/jogging but then she breaks into her little tap dance shuffle, then she starts flailing her arms around and then she breaks right out and starts doing scissor kicks while touching her toes, by this point I am dying inside and I am finding it extremely difficult to keep a stright face. This probably isn't doing her justice I guess you would have to see her to fully appreciate this but I get such a laugh and high off of this that I love it!

Hate it - When I go to the gym and lo and behold they are playing their Christian music. Now i'm not an anti-christian or against religion or anything but then again i'm not a very religious person, but when I go to the gym wanting to work out and work hard and lose the 10 pounds off my ass I sure as hell don't want to be working out to "Our God is an awsome god" with a hundred and ten beats a minute. It's just wrong and I wish they would burn/break the stupid CD.

Loves it - McDonald's Quarter pounder combo. I have been sooooo addicted to McDonald's the last few months it's scary and it's no wonder I have put on 10 pounds and my pants are tight. But everytime I drive out by that place or i'm anywhere's near it I get that wiff of grease and i'm drooling and no sooner do I look but i've gone through the drive thru and i'm scarfing it down. I even know what day each McDeal is and you bet your fur I know when it's Quarter pounder day....every Thursday I feel the pull only this week I am vowing to myself no more :( So now I can just dream and think of the wonderful taste of grease melting in my mouth

Hates it - I hate what all this bad food does to your body. Must be gods form of punishment or something but its just wrong. We should be able to eat what we want, when we want but it doesn't work this way. When I eat french fries I may as well be applying them directly to my lower abs, ass and thighs. Like any other typical women this is my problem area and I hate it and no matter how hard i try not to snack, eat out, whatever it still remains there. Just evil and I hate even typing about it. My weight is constantly on my mind and I know it's crazy and it's all because of the media and stupid models. I shouldn't give a rats ass, but I do because I can feel the fat rolls there and they need to go

Loves it - Sarah Jessica Parker's GAP commercials. I don't really know why for sure but I get great amusement and enjoyment out of these. Whoever came up with the concept/layout colours whatever they are doing there job and deserve a raise. It doesn't come across as another celeb who has sold out for a big paycheck and it's just a fun carefree commercial for GAP.

Hates it - When Celebs/singers sell out to big corporate companies aghhmmm Destiny's Child, Ashanti and it's soooooo plainly obvious as there song is blaring in the background of the commercial. This really ticks me off and irritates me this is also part of the reason why I am now trying (very hard I might add) to boycot McDonald's. Don't sell out pps it's not worth it, well mabye it might be but really you are hurting yourself in the long run.

That's about all I can sum up right now & I need to get my ass back into my work. Take care all & see you another day!!

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