Monday, January 17, 2005

I'm on Fire!

well not tecnically but my lips are! Have you ever seen the Asprin commercial where the lady is franticly typing away on her computer and smoke starts rising from her wrists.....anyways long story short another lady comes in and says what's wrong "becky" and becky is like "My Wrists are on Fire" just the way she says it always makes me tee hee to myself so this is me today only it's my damn chapped lips and not my wrists (yet anyways). They are on fire and i'm in desperate need of some chap stick. To make it worse I can't stop licking the stupid things. And they are really starting to burn......can't wait another half and hour to go for my lunch to buy some lip balm.

Oh boy i'm having such a crazy/hectic day today my head hasn't had time to stop until now and things are finally kinda quite. Were into our new location and i'm still not liking it a whole lot but it'll take awhile to get used to everything.

What else is new.....hmm had to come into work on Saturday to help un-pack the files that was a lotta fun (please note that there's a hint of sarcasim here), I didn't really have to but I kinda felt like I should to at least try and make a good impression. So I was here at the office from like 11-5:30 PM didn't get home until around 6 only to find out that all of my friends & hubby were over at our camp drinking & partying it up at 6:00 PM mind you. So I grabbed somethin to eat and headed over only to find pretty much everyone half in the bag already and me with nothing to drink not that I really wanted to anyways so it wasn't really that much fun until we got playing this card game called queens?? i think anyways it was pretty interesting & good just to get out & be with friends.

Well I should get back to un-packing but I really, really don't want too. Dammit I can't stop licking my lips, I think they are on the verge of bleeding now, I look totally disgusting & grose! They are flacking and peeling and ugghhh yuck I need fucking lip balm!!!

Talk later :0)

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TSC Andrew said...

I can remember a time when my lips got so cracked I didn't know what to do. I think it was the first time I had ever got chapped lips...anyways, I licked the bastards to keep them moist...bad bad idea...they got so huge and gross I was afraid to go outside. I can remember going to college and someone said "Hey why don't you crack a smile?" I lauged pretty hard and then I started to bleed pretty hard. That has never happened again. Key point...Don't lick chapped lips.