Friday, December 31, 2004

It's Party Time!!

New Year's Eve what could possibly be any better day than this? For me this is my time of year. I love the atmosphere you can almost feel a crackle in the air. I'm so excited about tonight that I can't sit still. We are planning to have our usual annual party (we've done it a couple of years) and I can't wait to just sit back and get wasted i'm planning to go for plastered this year I don't wanna know a thing. Although I may say this doing it is probably unlikely. I always want to drink but I can never seem to make the stuff go down. That's why I usually resort to the mary jane, ahhhh i love that stuff easy to do, no sicky feeling it's great so i'm hoping that someone will be bringing along this stuff cause i'm sure i won't be able to drink my malibu rum and pineapple juice (extra yummy) it's great but after 1 or 2 drinks it's hard to swallow must be too sweet.

Anyways i'm super stoked, i'm hoping that our office will shut down early and i'm also hoping that this storm will hold off but as i'm typing i'm noticing that it's starting to snow and freezing rain....great. Like we need that crap today to ruin my perfectly happy mood. Oh well nothing can touch me today i'm on a high (and no i haven't had any mj yet....he he) Deb and i have splurged today and said to hell with our diets and were getting dixie lee yum yum in my tum this stuff is way better than kentucky fired chicken and I can't wait til she gets back *tummy growls*

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all and i hope everyone stays safe and has a excellent time I know I will be.

oh and Lindsay do you happen to have any new and exciting news???? Inquiring minds would like to know *wink wink*.

Take care and i'll see you in the new year!


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