Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Christmas Time is Here ~ whether we want it to be or not

I hate this time of year, I don't know why but every year I seem to get more and more irriatated with the whole "Christmas rush". Mabye it's from working in retail for way to many years or mabye it's all those damn marketing campains. Once the American thanksgiving is over the push is on for Christmas (actually it's been on here in Canada since October, after our thanksgiving which is way worse). You get to see all the stores putting up their decorations and put on all there deals. Here in our area we have our annual "Midnight Maddness" & Victorian Christmas, it's maddness alright you couldn't get me near our sad excuse of a shopping mall. I hate all the bussle and people, that is that last place I would want to be. And to top all that off I am not an early shopper, in fact I wouldn't buy anything at all if I didn't have such a big in-law family which I feel obligated to buy for as they always get us something or other. My husband has four brother's and sister's and two nephews and two neices, which I hate buying for as it's so hard to know what they need & want it just makes me want to pull out my hair and throw a tantram. I just don't want to shop, wrap, deliver and all that crap. No thank you.

My husband on the other hand is the reverse of me. I swear to god he has had our decorations out since a month ago. He lights up just like a kid every time he hears a christmas song and he has been planning our (I should just say his, cause I can never keep up....) annual drunk fest on christmas eve night. I am expecting to come home any night this week to see our christmas tree in our living room. He just about had a breakdown last year when I took our tree down on boxing day (a trait I get from my father, i'm sure). That's another thing I hate why do we kill a perfectly decent tree to display in our home for a month while it dry's all up and dies. I have severe allergies and by the time christmas does roll around I am in agony, but it's tradition blah blah blah bullshit! Just call me the grinch :)

Just give me time with my family and friends and that's all I care about, which is what it should be about. Enjoying our time with our loved ones while we are here on this beautiful earth. That's one memory I have about my gram she would always always come over to our house (we just lived right down the road from her) and watch my sister and I open our gifts. I can see her sitting in a chair watching us and smiling. The last few years (when we surpassed 16 or so) she would usually just call or we would go to her and see what she had gotten for gifts. I am going to miss that this year, when everything was happening last week that's one thing that kept coming back to hit me is that she wouldn't be around for christmas this year. Mind you she was the one person that I always always used to hate to buy for, she was always so picky/fussy. she didn't like candles (which I love), I didn't know her taste in jewelry so I always would resort to something for her feet, which I knew she would use because she always had problems with her feet. funny how things, stupid things stay with you. i'm so sorry for resenting you last year and i'm sorry for not being there more when I lived so close and i'm sorry you won't be here this year.

Season's greetings to all! There's only 23 shopping days left so get out there and shop and charge up those credit cards I know I will be!

Ta Ta ~ H


Jodi said...

I always like the feeling of Christmas. I've never been able to put my finger on exactly what it is. Maybe it's just the notion that everyone is trying to make each other just a bit happier through good deeds or thoughtful, meaningful gifts.
I've never liked the commercial side of Christmas though but do enjoy the chance to give a gift that shows I've been thinking of someone and that I have paid attention enough to know what they might like. I hate shopping though and plan to do it all in one fell swoop at the mall on some hopefully deserted week night :) I mean, the commercialized Christmas as we know it didn't even exist until sometime within the last century; our almost cartoonish Santa Claus character was developed by Coca-cola as a marketing gimmick and now somehow represents Christmas to children all over North America....sigh...

I carry around a little piece of paper with a list of people I want to buy gifts for so I can write down anything that pops in my head to get them. Gram's name is on that list but the spot beside it is empty. I always found her hard to buy for too. She had everything she wanted and never wanted me to spend too much money on her so it was always a difficult balance to achieve the goal of a thoughtful, yet relatively inexpensive gift.
It just won't be the same this year. Life feels so different already... I'm glad we will all keep in closer contact, and I'll be really looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can at Christmas while I'm home.
I know this is a long comment :) but I figured it would be neat to read the thoughts of everyone whenever they feel like posting. Again - great idea Heather!

flea said...

oh Jodi you are just so sweet, so like your mom! I know, I know I hate the mom reference to but in your case you should be proud & grateful/honoured. I LOVE your mom/my auntie Marilyn she's always so positive and upbeat, I need to be more like that and not such a negative nelly. Which I generally am - sad but true! I don't think I know anyone who is truly as happy, gracious, kind, sympathic, always there when you need her type of aunt. She is truly a beautiful person and I can see a lot of her in you because you are all of those too.

I can't belive you have a list actually on paper. I will need to try that, all these years i've been relying on my poor head! time to give it a much needed break I should say.

I will try to enjoy this christmas but it will be quite hard to do i'm sure. I usually don't get the warm fuzzy feeling until about Dec 23 or so then to me it feels good to be christmas.

anyways enough for now....another long one bites the dust. I hope everyone will keep in touch via this as well, just to update on their lives or to just blab away like me. ttyl :)

Peter said...

I am hoping to come and visit your house this year for Christmas. It will be weird for us now as well. We always went to Grams and then to Dad's Sisters on xmas day. Now I don't even know if we will get to do any of that. I figure that we will go to Lois's if she is there and that will be the new place to gather for the family. I haven't been to yours or cousin Carl's places yet, so that is my goal for my next visit home.


Even though Christmas is my favorite time of year, I can't help but agree that it has become so commercial, that it might as well have its own Halftime Show. I understand the frustrations of working in retail Heather....working at the MECCA OF SHOPPING....known as Costco. I love the time spent with my family....and I always enjoy the warm fire....sitting back and just laughing out loud....with ones who are here....and ones who are not. I love the food, the music, the snow (for about a day) and I still get giddy at times....when Christmas morning arrives. I don't think I will EVER grow up, I will always be a toys r us kid. Anyway, I started my own Blog too....called Rant come on over and let loose there too!! Talk to you all soon...and it was great seeing everyone again!