Wednesday, December 15, 2004

~My Christmas Wish List~

Seeing's how I finally finished my Christmas shopping for everyone else around me (I still have to do his sock from Santa but that is easy) it finally hit me that I haven't even thought of what I would like for myself this year. That's got me a thinking. From the basic simple needless thing to something totally off the wall here is my list for 2004. And no I don't expect anyone out there to actually buy me any of these things this is just for fun, please post something or other for what you would like this year as well.

In no specific order here goes:

1.) I want a computer, printer and all that comes with it. This is asking for a lot I know but I need a computer at home. I have a home based business (Mary Kay) and I need or I should say that I would like to have it for that and to do our on-line banking as well. On the plus side I would be able to at least write a portion of this off when income tax time rolls around. This would make me very happy but it's probably not going to happen.

2.) A new winter coat (dressy) something that I can wear to work or for nice ocassion's. When I told my husband this he laughed out loud, he's like you have tons of coats. Well yes I do, but not a black one that comes down past the knee (which is what I want/need).

3.) Crest White strips, I have wanted and hinted at this to my husband for over a month and i'm hoping he has taken the hint. Out of the three things so far this one is a sure fire bet that I will get and I can't wait to have whiter teeth.

4.) CD's - the only one that I have hinted at is Gwen Stefani's newest solo effort, Love Angel Music Baby. Not sure if I will get this or not but i'm hoping.

5.) Books, seeings how i've purchased two already for myself (hoping to forget but not likely) I can't see him or anyone else getting me any more books unless my mom gets me something. I am open for anything though and I love nothing more than curling up after Christmas and reading a good book and eating candy.

6.) Socks, I am in DESPERATE need of socks. For those who know me extremely well know that I never, EVER have matching socks (not that I care but sometimes doesn't look so good at work when your pants shink up when you sit down and your socks are blue and black). I would take as many as I could get thank you.

7.) Just thought of another thing that I would like to have & have wanted in the past. I wouldn't turn away a PlayStation2, although I think I have heard that they will be coming out with another one in a year or two but I still would take one

8.) money or gift cards, either or you can't go wrong for me. I would rather take these than some butt ass ugly shirt that I wouldn't be caught dead in. This is the safe high road but it's good for me.

9.) a gift certificate or a spa package, I am happy just thinking about this. I can think of nothing better than a back massage or a pedicure. This would be really nice but I cannot see my husband going into a spa place and purchasing this for me so this is probably a no go but it's a nice idea.

10.) a new pair of PJ's, my mom always gets me these and I hope she doesn't let me down this year as I could use a new pair & it's always nice to lounge around in the new PJ's over the holiday break (along with my book & candy).

11.) candy or chocolate - yum is all I can say and my stomache thanks you ahead of time :)

12.) bath stuff, bubble bath, soaps etc. Love these as well, always can use them.

13.) Lucky number thirteen is my wish to win the lotto, someone out there can either buy me a scratch and win ticket or a 649 ticket. Wouldn't it just be so cool to actually win like 10 million or something. I would literally shit my pants if it happend, chances are it wouldn't but the chance is still there all the same

I think that's about it, actually that's more than I thought I would have had down for my list. I'm sure i'll be happy with whatever I get and i'm just going to be thankful for the simple things this year, like spending time with family and friends that's the most important thing. I think I have finally caught the Christmas spirit (a little anyways) seeing's how we only have like 10 days left it's about time. Tis the season to be jolly! take care all and i'll be back.

ta ta ~h~


Jodi said...

It's funny - I haven't been on here much because of my Merry Christmas to me gift - I bought myself an Xbox a few days ago and haven't stopped playing :) I finished my final cost accounting exam last week (and got an A, thank you very much)so it was my treat to myself. My Christmas vaction will be filled with books, movies, and Xbox. Although tonight I'm going to see the Spongebob Squarepants movie with Pete and Kelly :) So whatever anyone else wants to get me is fine - I have an Xbox to take away all my conscious thought and cares!

Kleokatra said...

I would like some time by myself. No crowds, no sister, no cats, no husband. I want to just be alone for about 5 hours. I havn't had any time to myself since I got married. Between my husband and relatives comming over all the time I am feeling really smothered. Also, I would like to go on a date. I miss dates. Where you would go to a nice dinner and to the movies and go to make-out point and fog up the windows. I havn't had a real good make out session in about 4 years. That sounds like fun.:)

flea said...

Hi Kleokatra thanks for posting a comment on my site, I apologize for swearing on your site, I always blurt things out and never really realize that I do offend some people and that there may be younger people reading it as well. I haven't had a really good makeout session either lately, mabye it's the being married thing? What do you think?