Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Whistle while we work.....

Work, Work Work. What's the point of a vacation? I had 3 days away from my office and I come back today and low and behold I have a HUGE pile of files to sort through and data enter and all that fun stuff. I have soooo much I don't even know where to begin. On top of that i'm not really on top of my game where I was out for (five days in total including the weekend), so i'm a little rusty & not sure of everything that has gone on while I was away. I keep getting these phone calls from people who are like "I called in on Thrusday and spoke with someone about this or that, can you help me or do you know what I'm talking about"; NO DAMMIT I wasn't here so piss off is what I would love to say but the polite me states "No, I'm sorry I was not in the office on that date I can transfer you through to so-and-so one moment please". Don't get me wrong on the right day I do enjoy my job, just not today.

It's one of those days when as soon as your alarm goes off you know that it's going to be a crappy day. I feel like I am running in a thick pool of mud and not getting anywhere's just making more and more of a mess of things.

My hair isn't doing what I wanted it to do today (I really do look & feel like a poodle today, i'm not joking). My favorite sweater that I just bought a couple of weeks ago wen't through my dryer by misstake and I pretty much have fuzz balls all over me and i'm constantly picking them off. I swear I had one man come in this morning who caught me and you should have seen the look on his face. I think he thought I had coodies or something. Priceless!! That was one high note so far this morning. I forgot to bring one of our bills that should have been paid last Friday....whoops will have to wait until tommorrow....what else has happened....oh I wen't to fill my water bottle (trying to drink 8 glasses a day - ha) and there's no water, so much for that today guess I'll drink my pop instead. I should be trying to find the humour in all of this but at the moment I really don't feel like it, mabye I will later or mabye I will end up ripping someone's freaking head off that would be hysterical now wouldn't it?

I'm out for now ttyl :)


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