Sunday, December 05, 2004

It's COLD outside

"Looks like were in for stormy weather"; it is super windy and absoltely freezing here in my neck of the woods, we did get a light dusting of the white stuff this morning but it didn't last and now it's just wild out. Not sure really why I ventured outside besides that I am super addicted to posting on here and seeing if anyone has posted a comment. I also like surfing through and checking out other pps sites. Jamie I did go to yours haven't left a comment yet though mabye another time, I like it though, I like it a lot.

Not a whole lot else is new & exciting I had a pretty lazy laid back day. I think i'm coming down with a "cold" though, I feel like crap & have not energy and my throat & ears are achey. Lovely, just what I needed. I'm hoping it's nothing, just keep telling myself that and it may just go away.

Anyways keeping it short & sweet this time. I don't really seem to have anything on my mind today besides sleep & keeping warm. Now I just have to get back in my freezing car and go back home....mabye I'll play a computer game for awhile first...

Ta Ta



TSC Andrew said...

Even though we are only about 3 hours away, it is nipple freezing here too. I came home last night and my hand stayed frozen to the door, I quickly used my wits and grabbed the dog from inside and had her piss on my hand, thanks to her I was able to type this message.

Jilly said...

Yeah, you've just gotta love this nice maritime weather!

Mrspointless said...

Yep, I rise out of bed this morning to find nothing but white; with a nice glaze of ice over top. God I hate winter. I also hate the thought of having to go to work in a couple of hours, I'll have to stand out there in the cold and wait for the bus. Thanks again Andrew for the ride. I think that I might have started an addiction to this crazy blogging, it's gonna be unhealthy. Take care and stay warm.