Thursday, December 09, 2004

Charlie Lives!!!!!

oh thank god, for a moment I almost, almost was turned off of my newfound all-time favorite show "LOST". I LOVE this show and I cannot get enough, the thought that they even considered killing Charlie (he will always be the hobbit to me) off of the show made me so angry and anxious to see what was going to happen next I could have screamed (in fact I may have...may be why my husband was looking at me so strangely.....).

This show literally gets me through my weeks, as I look forward to watching it every single Wendesday. Although I recently found out that due to the holidays it won't be aired for like 5 weeks, what the hell am I supposed to do in the mean time? Pure and utter agony I tell you, last nights cliff hanger was definetely not a help. If you have not watched this show watch it you will thank me later, it's the BEST new show this year, I vote it in even over desperate housewives (which I also enjoy, but it just doesn't compare). All of the actors are great, from Jack, Sawyer, Charlie, Sayid I love them all (they are also very HOT). I don't really care for Kate yet, she just always seems to be standing around with a perplexed look on her face. I have no idea what the writers are intending with the plot but I hope they keep it up, you are constantly guessing what will happen and they are always inserting lines here and there that give you clues of what lies ahead. It's just so damn good, i'm totally hooked.

So now I just sit and wait until Jan 12 for a new show - BLAH stupid holiday just another reason to hate it this year. I did finally start my Christmas shopping today at lunch time, finally hit me that I only have like 2 weeks before it's here so I have to get my ass in gear. Also helps that it's my PAY DAY today. YIPPPEEEEEE!! Always love pay day even if the happiness only lasts for like a day and then I freak out worrying about money (endless cycle see other blog...).

Anyhoo, I should get to work, super busy today I have tons of letters to type & stuff and that fun stuff, better get at it.

Ta ta and for those who haven't watched LOST - Abc will be airing the first 2 shows back to back next week, be sure to watch it you are missing out pps!!!


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Jilly said...

Actually Kate's Look is "sad and Pensive"

On the other hand, i am pissed off at the show because I felt that once Charlie was dead, they should have kept him dead, not make us watch another "miracle of CPR" which we have seen endlessly on other TV shows. that being said, I do love the hobbit, and hope that he will remain on the show For-eva! But remember that one of the leads will die before the year is out! Also, I thought the new show is on Jan 5th to Pre-emp Alias?

BTW, if you are worried about your spelling, there is a spell-checker you can use before you publish your post!