Wednesday, December 29, 2004


he he he i'm laughing just thinking about writing this on here. This morning Debbie (a fellow co-worker, whom I love as we are two peas in a pod and we get along great) mentions that perhaps we should take down our office christmas tree as it is really quit here in the office and it's just the two of us working this week and anyways no big deal right HA HA!! The laugh was on us. We get all of the decorations off of the tree (forgot to mention that it's an artificial) and were trying to figure out how it splits apart into three sections. Deb finds the first split at the top and we get the top off ok then were trying to figure out where it comes apart in the middle when I get the bright idea to lay it down on it's side and then debbie seems to recall that the bottom legs come off and before I know it she's tugging on the bottom and all of a sudden the tree comes apart not just in two sections mind you but APART literally. At least three clumps of branches come off and fall all to pieces. By now I am hit with such a fit of giggles I just can't stop. Poor Debbie was like what the heck did I just do and "leave it to me". So were left to scramble and try to piece this stupid thing back together....about 30 minutes later it's looking semi normal and mabye nobody will even just to get it back in the box. Easier said than done. I finally mange to lift the sucker up and I kind of swing and do a "heave ho" and in it goes only to have some of the branches break apart yet again. I hesitate to look at debbie who is extremely flustered by this point and I look at her and she's like "screw it" will just take it down back and let Roger (our maintenence guy) deal with it when he gets back. I continue to giggle and chuckle to myself as we push this heavy SOB down the hallway. We finally get it back to where we want it and were both huffing and puffing were coming back up the hallway and all you can see is little pieces of artifical tree everywhere our cleaning lady is sure to have a fit when she comes in later today... just to funny what a way to start the day!

So not only have I taken down our tree here at the office but I tackled my own tree at home last night. My husband once again threw a hissy fit called me the "ruiner of christmas" and the "spawn of satan" and proceeded to just sit in his chair and watch me take our tree decorations off. Seriously he's such a big baby. He should know me well enough by now to know that there is no way that I am ever, EVER going to leave our tree up clear through til new year's there's just no fricking way hosay so forget it already and help me take down this f*$%*@! tree!!!! So each time I take a decoration off I here a sigh or a moan and i'm really getting irritated and pissed. I'm finally down to the lights and there's no way I want to ask for his stuipd help but i'm not quite tall enough to reach way up there....and by now I know he's watching me fighting trying to reach and he's like "your such a grinch" but he helps me and I didn't even ask. Oh i'm good :). So our living room is now tree free and it looks so bare and so much bigger it's weird how it now feels empty but i'm glad it's gone.

Oh, before I forget I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jilly it's her 23rd B-day today and the lucky bitch gets to be home enjoying the day so not fair (I don't really think she's a bitch, i'm just jealous cause I can't be at home today). Not sure if she will be reading this today or not but I still wanted to just say Happy Birthday to her and let her know that i'm thinking of her.

That's it for another day were actually working hard today trying to sort thorugh some files and get things packed up for our big office move so we are definetely keeping busy & making the day go by today. Until we meet again i'm out for now ~h~

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