Monday, December 13, 2004


that's exactly how I feel today. I have about as much energy as my computer desk. I really don't want to be working today and to top it off I have a 12+ hour day today. Great. I literally feel like I got run over by a freight truck, i'm achey, my head aches and i'm majorly depressed & bitchy today. Actually i've been that way all weekend, my husband was in the christmas sprit and i totally ruined his mood yesterday. He brought home our Christmas tree on Friday all happy and cheerful and he's like aren't you going to decorate it? If looks could kill he would be dead right now. I hate decorating anything let alone a christmas tree. Martha Stewart I am not. I don't have a crafty bone in my body, these genes all wen't to my sister and not me. Fast forward to 2 days later and still no decorations on our tree.....yeah I know. So last night I decided to tackle the job all by my lonesome.

From previous posts you'll know that I am extremely allergic to trees, etc. I get all of the lights and ribbon on all by myself when my husband comes home and gets the bright idea to bring out the video camera! Nice just what I needed on top of everything else, he gets me on camera looking my best (HA) and cursing like a sailor. Then he proceeds to say "just think our children will be watching this some day and they will get to see how bad mommy curses and swears". I throw an ornament at him and hit him in the head, he he take that you ass!

And on cue my allergies come into play, my nose is running and my eyes are on fire and I have pitch all over me but my tree is finally decorated and it's soooo Beautiful! ha ha NOT what I forgot to mention my husband (god love him, cause sometimes I wonder) always brings home a Charlie Brown tree, it never fails. I told him to get a tall and skinny tree, he brings home a huger mother fucker that takes up half of the living room, no lie and one side has long branches and the other has short, totally lop sided and weird looking. No wonder i'm in such a bitchy mood, look what I have to work with. Oh dear, even Desperate Housewives couldn't make me happy last night. What's wrong with me???? I could not be any further from Christmas cheer. Mabye I need to go on a good bender, yeah that sounds good, a nice big glass of rum & coke would make me happy :)

well i'm out for now almost time for my lunch, time to go and spend more money and finish my x-mas shopping. fun fun

take care ~H~

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Mrspointless said...

I hear ya. I feel the same way lately, no decorations in my place. Putting up a tree this year...blah...I don't think I have it in me.