Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It's finally over......well almost

yup that's right for me Christmas is over but really the holidays stretch on until New Year's day but because I have to work this week it's OVER for me. Although for me this year I don't think it ever really started, even on Christmas day when I was opening my presents and watching my husband (who is really more like a child) tear through his gifts it still didn't quite feel right to me. I don't know what my problem is but it seems like the last few years (really probably since I passed 21) Christmas just hasn't been the same. I don't know if it's just cause i'm getting older or mabye it's just cause i'm really down in the dumps lately but I just didn't enjoy Christmas this year. We spent most of our time with his family as my mom and dad were both working nights so I didn't get to see them on Christmas Eve and I only saw them briefly on Christmas day which was just weird. We normally always get together with my aunt Sharol and her family at some point and we didn't really do that either, it's like i'm stuck in the twilight zone or something i dunno but it was just all wrong i can't explain it. Oh and we had NO snow!!!!! Nothing ruins the spirit any more than that. Anyways thank god it's over for another year.

So what all did I get from santa well I did alright considering our circumstances. We didn't have as many gifts as in past years but we did alright. My in-laws got us a new gliding rocking chair that has one of those things you can put your feet up on the rocks too it's really nice, I also got a really cool poncho like coat that is almost like a burberry pattern with a shrit to match and wear with it, my mother-in-law Donna usually buys me these horrible ugly shirts from Nothern Refelection or something like OLD but she did good this year I must say I was rather impressed. My mom and dad got me a pilates tape/book and ball (I think she's hinting to me that i need to lose some weight, nice huh) so that I can get really fit and healthy my husband looked at me and was like "you'll never use that in a million years" well he's probably right but I will at leat try to attempt and use it. Some of you may be curious to know if I did get my white strips that I wanted oh so badly well......................

No, I didn't, to say that I was disappointed is an understatement I mean I wen't for like over a month hinting to him that I wanted them and he gets in the store and he can't find them. What the hell is that??? There in the fricking tooth paste aisle you moron!! God I was so pissed at him I almost wished that I could take something back of his. I got over it though. He actually surprized me this year. I had opened all of my presents at least I thought I had when he's like open this one....and I was like all happy thinking ok this is my white strips and I opened it and it's one better than that it's my dress coat that I have been whining for mabye even more so than my white strips. My mind is racing because I know that he didn't go to Fredericton and i'm like how did you get this and he was all sweet and stuff and it made my day! So now i look all fab in my new coat and I couldn't be any happier because it matches perfectly with my new black boots that I had bought about a month before christmas all I need now is a new black purse......lol i'm kidding....no mabye not

Well I hope everyone else had a very merry christmas and I hope you enjoyed your time with your family and friends, I know I did. Now i'm counting down the days until New Year's and my hair appointment (it's only a week away now YIPEE) at least I have things to look forward too. Take care everyone ~ Jodi and Pete I hope your not too buried underneath all that snow, you'll have to let me know how much you got hope your all ok & not on the roads, I feel for you :)

I'm out for now ~h~

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Peter said...

We got too much snow and I had to shovel 3 times thatnks to the plows. Now I know why I liked living in an apartment.