Wednesday, December 22, 2004

To go brown or not to go brown......

I keep tossing the idea around in my head to dye my hair brown with blonde highlights in it. I've been a blonde all of my life and i'm terrified to do something different, yet at the same time in in desperate need of a change and I really, really would like to do it, yet deep down inside a part of me is screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Do you see my problem? By the time I actually do go for my hair appointment (which is not until January 4th) I will be in such turmoil and distress I won't probably do anything to my hair besides get a cut, which I am also in desperate need of. I have had a body perm in my hair for not quite a year and the last time I got one put in I had this bright idea to get all of my hair cut off and really short layers. No joke -I came out of the parlor looking like Kalan Porter's identical twin (for those who do not know who this is he was our recent Canadian Idol winner, do a search on him and you'll get an idea of what I looked liked). So a few months later it's a little looser of a perm and my layers have grown out and I now look like a shaggy dog. I also had the bright idea to dye my hair on my own and save myself some money by not getting my hairdresser to do it. Well I purchased the product (feria - light blonde) and I followed all of the directions as told only I timed it wrong so instead of a light blonde I kinda have a funky blonde-red colour going on and on top of that it's now a month later and I have horrible dark, dark roots growing in and my hair is just NASTY! I'm counting down the days (now 13) until I go to Jackie (my hairdresser whom I have had since like forever). So i'm hoping that she can fix me and mabye she'll agree with the brown idea that I have.

Not helping matters much I think I recently read in People that Brown is the new Blonde and they showed all of these celebs who have been blonde and recently went brown, i.e; sarah jessica parker, mandy moore, etc and I see them and I think yeah ok I'm gonna do it........well mabye not, I don't know what to do. My husband isn't much help to me either he prefers me blonde and that's that, no if's and or but's. But his opinon doesn't really matter (not in this case anyways) because I think I am actually going to do it as long as I stick to my guns about it and stop dwelling over it. The change will be good :)

In other news today, I seem to be in much better spirits today or it could just be the hot chocolate that I just consumed from Tim Horton's...i dunno but i'm pretty happy at the moment anyways. The sun is shining here, everyone seems to be in a good mood (for most of them here in my office today is there last day and they are on vacation all next week, lucky shitheads), I actually have work to do today and i'm not bored at all - Thank god and I also get paid tommorrow that makes me really happy and I have all of my christmas shopping done and the gifts are delivered. So now I can just sit back and chill for a few days. Ah that feels nice to say and I feel like I just lost a huge brick off of my shoulder. I may be humming another tune tommorrow, you just never know with me.

Ta ta for now i'm out for another day ~h~


Jodi said...

Those who know me knows that my hair colour changes often. I started dyeing my own hair when I was a teenager but told my hair stylist that if she could keep up with my need for change and give me things I couldn't do myself, that I'd pay her for it. Personally, I find that with my pale skin, I look good with colours other than blonde so I tend to dye my hair a bit darker than my natural - it gives me some warmth. I also trust my hair stylist - I know she would never do a bad job. So it may be that the colour we chose may not be the best for me, but it will still be a good colour job. And it's just hair - it can always be changed. It's a fun way to express yourself!!

flea said...

hey Jodi, thanks for the advice. Your actually the reason that I even started thinking of going darker, I really like the way you have your hair right now (unless you have changed it again since I last saw you). My biggest fear is that because I am sooooo pale and pukey looking that the darker colour will just wash me right out, but like you said it's just hair and I can always change it again later. I think a lot of the reason that I have always been so scared to try anything different is because of my mom. She always would say don't touch your hair because it's so natural and it will ruin it to go darker. I always hear her in the back of my head telling me not to do it. Weird huh?

How is the x-boxing? Part of me really wants a game of some sort (whether it be xbox, gamecube, or playstation) but i'm the type of person that once I start playing something like that there would be no working for me, i get right sucked in and I can't stop!!! Hope you are enjoying it & your time off!

Kleokatra said...

Hello. I have never met you, but I am a natural DARK brunette. I love it. I dye my hair all sorts of colors. A few halloween's ago, I dyed it completely black. I was Elvira. It did not look good on me. but it was fun. I spent a year and a half trying out various blonds and had a bit of fun with it. right now I am trying to find the perfect blod red color. I have never had my hair professionally done- always out of the box. always with Clariol. It doesn't fry my hair that way. oh ya, I have also had blue hair, and when my hair was blond I dyed it rainbow colors with koolaid. That rocked. :) thing is, it is your hair. Hair was ment to be played and experimented with. It will always grow back.