Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Another Day - Another Dollar

Well it's Tuesday, 3 more days until Christmas (actually i'm considering it 2 days because I have Friday off and I can't wait to sleep in....). I practiclly had to drag and haul my ass out of bed this morning. I wish I would have been one of the smart people who have taken vacation days. I really don't feel like doing anything today let alone pretending to be working and doing things today. The days are long and agonizing (see yesterday's post) and all I can think about is what I have left to buy and what I need to get from the grocery store to help make Christmas dinner.

Yes, that's right I got suckered in by my mother and grandmother to host and cook dinner. Now as most of you who know me well and or have read previous posts.....i'm no Martha Stewart, I hate to cook, I hate preparing to cook. The faster I can get something ready to eat the happier I am. But i'm trying to stay positive and i'm trying to think of it as a learning experience and spending time with my only grandmother that I have left and all of that but I just can't. Christmas day for me usually consists of us getting up, my husband tearing through his presents, eating breakfast and going back to bed for the rest of the day, either reading one of my new books or going back to sleep. Not this year though, no, I have to entertain my grandmother while we cook the turkey, stuffing, gravy, etc. Not exactly my idea of fun. I'll get over it though.....at least I hope so.

So here I sit at my work trying to stay awake and amused while I count down the days until Christmas. I wish that the "Government" would install some type of policy that just shuts everything down for the holidays (excpet retail of course for all you last minuted shoppers). Seriousily though why the hell should I have to sit here when there is nobody calling, nobody coming into the office, there is absoltely shit to do (well I could do some filing but you know...). This is very painful for me, I just want it to be friday already! It's awful to be wishing the week away like that but I really am and until it's friday I probably won't be a happy person.

Almost lunch time for me here, i've got tons of stuff to run around and do and i'm not looking forward to plowing my way through the crowd of people. It's like were all a bunch of chickens running around with our heads cut off, and sometimes that is what I feel like.

Until we meet again, i'm out for now ~ h~


Mrspointless said...

I saw that you wanted some Crest White Strips. It's too bad that you weren't closer to me, I could make you professional bleaching trays for free. Although, I must say that the crest bleaching trays work very well and you should get ample results within 7-10 days. Just a word of advice, don't use them for too long of a time consecutively as they might cause sensitivity to cold. When I read your writing you sound more and more like me, guess we really are family...LOL..


Jodi said...

Funny - I asked mom for Crest white strips for Xmas :) My dentist and hygenist actually recommend it to me!

Today is my last day of work until January 4th!!! Yay!! I've had three people give me presents already and I'm having lunch with a close friend so the day seems to be going in the right direction :) Tonight is wrapping presents, cleaning my apartment, and packing to go home. Tommorrow I pick up the rental car and drive to NB. I didn't think I'd be looking forward to xmas this year for various reasons, but I'm looking forward to getting back again. I guess home is always comforting in a way nothing else is. I hope I get to see some of while I'm back. I think I'm coming back to NS on the 27th, so I'll be around for a few days and I'm sure we'll be up to Canterbury at some point. For those of you I won't see, have a very Merry Christmas! Talk to you all again in the new year! La la la!