Saturday, December 11, 2004

la la

"you make me wanna La La". For those who don't know this is Ashley Simpson's latest song. Normally I cannot stand this girl but this latest tune just seems to stick in my head. I still don't care for her though, something about her just irritates the shit out of me. She's too much of a marketing campaign to be the opposite of her lovely sister Jessica. Oh let's dye your hair black and make you a punk simalar to Avril Lavigne she's big now. This whole trying to make her a punk thing, what the hell is that? Her music couldn't be any further from punk. Whatever happend for people just liking music because of the music, not all this latest bullshit that the "BIG" marketing people produce for us. And on top of that this girl has her own reality TV show. It makes me want to vomit. Why do people buy into this time and time again. guess that's an ageless question huh?

On top of all that this girl just won the Best New Artist award from Billboard. Can you belive that!

Course her big sister isn't much better. I think I heard that their show just got renewed for yet another season. Great, just what I'll be looking for i'm sure...not. The only time I ever, ever watch this show is when their is absoltely nothing else on and even then it pains me. Is she truly that dumb? I don't think so, I personally think it's all an act that she's put on for way to long and people like it so now she can't give it up. Course she really could be that dumb you never know.

I recently had a Jessica Simpson moment as I like to call them. This is too funny. I do happen to be a blonde myself, and yes I hate the blonde jokes and I espically hate people like Jessica that give us all a bad name. Anyways back to my story....

Last week my cousin and I had to pick my mother up from the airport in Fredericton and afterwords we were hungry so we go to Wendy's to get a bite to eat. Now we don't have a Wendys in our neck of the woods so I hardly ever eat there, but when I do I do enjoy it. So i'm looking over the menu and it says something like chicken filet, and I think to myself filet isn't that a kind of fish? And I think this out loud and my cousin here's me and she's like OH MY GOD how dumb are you!!! it's just the way they cook it. I felt like such a door knob, such a classic moment. I'm embarssed to say it actually, hope you get a good laugh over it at my expense.

Well till another day, take care and see you soon

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Peter said...

Amen to that. I don't mind some of her music, but the way that it all came about makes me sick. I hate mass produced music. ANYONE can be a star if you have the team behind you that these artist have these days.