Monday, December 20, 2004

Somebody shoot me.....PLEASE

I'm am painfully bored today and seeings how I pretty much just copied and pasted my previous blog (only this morning) but it feels like days ago to me. I figured I would come back and try to relive my extreme bordome. I'm not at my usual post today, i'm providing cover off for another branch of a government department and I totally hate it here. The people are cold and un-friendly all of the client's stink and have bad teeth, bad breath and yuck! I hate waiting on them and I hate dealing with their crap, go get a job you lazy fucks like a normal person would is what I would love to scream at them but you can't so you act all perky and nice, which further irritates my mood today.

I've got another 2 1/2 hours in this hell hole. I've pretty much been on-line all day as there really isn't anything to do and i'm not lying. The phone may have rang twice so far and I have had people come in to drop off crap but that's it. Oh my god the phone is ringing.........

ok, i'm back. God I hate Monday's. I just can't be positive today, I feel like blatting and laughing at the same time I must be pre-menstrual or something i'm all out of wack I know that for a fact. On top of all that I have an extreme headache, that I woke up with and I even wen't at noon hour to by advil liquid gels and it's still here! Dammit I can't win today, I just want to be at home curled up in my bed under the covers dozing in and out of sleep....ahhh wouldn't that be heaven. I just keep telling myself only 3 more days after today and I have 4 days off in a row! That makes me happy, in the meantime i'm impatient, irritated, bored, lonely, tired, sad, giddy all rolled up into one. I wonder about myself sometimes, i really do. Well I need to find something to do, mabye i'll read the paper. Wish me luck :)

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